Will you spare less than $20 a day to help a veteran or first responder receive life saving therapies for the treatment of PTSD?

PTSD is an injury, not an illness. It is curable if we treat it as such. For over sixty years our medical community has approached PTSD with SSRI’s (anti-depressants), which are virtual cortisone shots for our brains. SSRI’s do not address causation of injury, nor do they address legitimate healing. So, a person diagnosed with PTSD will likely be relegated to a lifetime of SSRI’s and talk therapy.

That’s where I found myself. After more than a decade working as a first responder, I started having vision issues, then my memory disappeared, basic problem solving was suddenly difficult. I wasn’t sleeping for more than forty minutes at a time, so I started drinking again. I started having this feeling of panic that was always lingering. Eventually I went to the doc and they handed me some pills and told me to seek therapy. I couldn’t carry a weapon on the drugs that were prescribed, so eventually I had to leave. Then I got a divorce, drank more, sold my house, started to isolate more and more: it’s the same story that every other guy/gal has who’ve been down this road has told. But I still didn’t understand what was wrong with my brain, all of a sudden?

I soon found the work of Dr. Mark L. Gordon and learned he was approaching PTSD as an injury that occurs to both the brain and endocrine system, when someone is exposed to prolonged stress, sleep imbalances and/or head trauma. Dr. Gordon has found great success relieving patients of further medical treatment, by focusing his energy on treating neural-inflammation (caused from head trauma) and re-regulating the endocrine system.

I then learned of rTMS (repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation) and met several men and women from both the military and first responder communities, who found relief from PTSD utilizing rTMS therapy. I learned of Ketamine therapy, MDMA therapy and other psychedelic options that institutions like the DOD and Johns Hopkins University are exploring and finding great results.

I began Dr. Gordon’s treatment with little hope that I would ever recover cognitively. Then, on the tenth day I woke up- I had a thought- I was able to process the thought and I came to a conclusion. I sprang up in bed and said out loud, “My brains back!” It had been so long since I was able to complete this process that I felt healed. There was still a long way to go, but it has only gotten better from there. I knew there were others who felt the same way that I did, and I wanted to get them the same help.

ASM Foundation is a public benefits corporation, accepting donations to sponsor Veterans and First Responders to receive alternative therapies for the treatment of PTSD, PTS, TBI and trauma.

We have teamed with Dr. Mark L. Gordon to provide life changing treatment to get our veterans and first responders back to living the life they had before suffering their trauma. We also support a number of other methods. The reality is that this isn’t a quick fix; sort of like any injury. It can take 1-2 months to truly feel the benefits of hormone therapy. MeRT, ketamine, MDMA and other treatment methods should be combined to ensure the best results for each individual. ASM will work with each of our clients individually to determine what their needs are.

If you are a veteran or first responder in need of help, please reach out to us. If you are a family member who is seeking assistance or information, please reach out. If you are a citizen willing to donate, please do so on the donations page.

Our warriors deserve peace of mind, if nothing else. None of us ever want to be out of the fight. This is how we stay in it.

Pete DePrez Co-Founder