ASM Foundation is a public benefits corporation, accepting tax deductible donations to sponsor Veterans and First Responders to receive alternative therapies for the treatment of PTSD, PTS, TBI and trauma. Hormone therapy and MeRT have both been shown to reduce neural inflammation and encourage neuroplasticity.

We have teamed with Dr. Mark L. Gordon to provide life changing treatment to get our veterans and first responders back to living the life they had before suffering their trauma.

Dr. Gordon has adapted and pioneered cutting edge treatment methods for over twenty years, with great success and ASM’s goal is to help vets and first responders access this treatment.

Prolonged stress, sleep imbalances (such as shift work) and head trauma (blast trauma/blunt trauma), all result in endocrine system dysfunction and neural inflammation. By reintroducing hormones and supplements, inflammation will be reduced, neuroplasticity will begin and the endocrine system will rebound and self regulate again. 

The suicide rates amongst our military/veteran and first responder communities is at a staggeringly high level (consistently growing each year). On average 22 veterans take their own lives each day. First responders are statistically more likely to take their own lives, than they are to die in the line of duty. Some of this has to do with the stigma of talking about these issues, within our communities. Another part has to do with a lack of knowledge of how to truly remedy the depression that comes from endocrine dysfunction and head trauma.

Being diagnosed with PTSD has long meant victims would be permanently reliant on antidepressants and talk therapy. Antidepressants do nothing to address causation or legitimate healing; they are cortisone shots for the brain. This is one reason the veteran and First Responder communities have seen such high rates of addiction and suicide. We can remedy these issues and bring our heroes legitimate healing.